Ghostwriters | episode 1


Why do some social media influencers have better conversion rates that others?

Why is it that some posts do better than others?

What makes a website article better than another?


The explanation for all of this usually has to do with human psychology, and the psychology behind persuasion. As a business owner it’s critical to know how people are wired to use the web (note that people have used and responded to the web differently as thing have changed online). It’s important to continuously keep studying these principles and note down what is making YOU tick/click/purchase online. Watch yourself, and you’ll be able to watch others.


  1. M i m i c  s o c i a l  m e d i a  t r e n d s

People start to enjoy seeing “similar posts” of what they already like. So if you learn to become a creator of something your audience already loves its easier for them to instantly relate to your concept. Try not to always take a new approach to something. First building loyalty around concept that have already been approve by your audience.


What to do:

  1. Before starting a new social media post, research how your competitors speak by searching hashtags in your niche. Look at the top posts - look at their branding/colours/imagery/sales speak.  Learn the niche jargon as this is critical for scaling in your niche. Find out the trending words and apply this language in your own copy.
  2. Use similar sales ads/campaigns and marketing material of the competitors your audience is targeting. Try to replicate exact posts and change this to match your brand. What was the response rate like? Pretty good right?


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