Ghostwriters | episode 3


This is easier than you realise.

Partner with someone who does have the followers/buyers but not enough time to create buying guides on paid content. Send them a friendly email/message/note where they would earn commission on every sale they make. Alternatively they could add their branding to the paid ad. Other options are to do a joint sponsored ad so that they pay for marketing costs to their follower base.

B u t   b e   m i n d f u l.

Not all social accounts have organic followers and make sure you only partner with groups that produce authentic and genuine services or products so that their follower base includes legitimate and paid buyers.

But did you realise one thing? The reason you probably clicked this article in the first place was around how to gain views/paid followers/monetised views to your content. But what you were really interested in learning was how to write copy/content in a way that would actually work.

And that is what you need to realise - copywriting, and good copywriting is the fastest and most effective way to earn money. Really gold copy will always get views and clicks especially if it solves a genuine customer problem faced by a good segment of people. So don’t give up on experimenting with copy. You want to write things that are of value. High quality and meaningful things.


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